Services Available in Our Austin, Texas Clinic

As part of the Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center, The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) offers a range of neurological specialty services for dogs and cats, including diagnostics, treatment and consulting.

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Diagnostic Services

The ANIC is equipped with the advanced technology and neurological expertise required to accurately diagnose your pet’s neurological disorder. Our diagnostic services include:

  • neurological examination by a board-certified veterinary neurologist
  • Electrodiagnostics
  • Advanced imaging services—MRI and CT scan
  • Spinal tap

All diagnoses begin with a thorough exam, and many animals do not require any further testing. In the event that neurological examinations indicate a non-neurological condition, we may refer you to another veterinary specialist or consult with your pet’s regular veterinarian for follow-up care.


Treatment Services

Our board-certified neurologists have the training and experience required to perform sophisticated neurosurgeries. So, if your pet needs spine surgery or brain surgery, they can remain in our care for the procedure and recovery.

However, we aim to treat any neurological disorder using the least invasive means possible, which may include medication for neurological conditions.

We have partnered with VetSource to offer affordable and convenient prescription options.


Emergency Services

Emergency services for your pet experiencing neurological symptoms is available 24/7 at our Austin clinic. A board-certified neurologist may not be available until regular business hours, but experienced veterinary professionals at The Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center can care for your pet to ensure their safety and comfort until their examination or treatment.


Payment Options

At The ANIC, we understand that watching your furry family member experience neurological dysfunction is very stressful. Worrying how to pay for the specialty care your dog or cat needs only increases that stress. We strive to make our services affordable by accepting a variety of payment options, including:

  • Credit card
  • Personal check
  • Care Credit
  • Pet insurance (all providers)

You may apply for assistance from our donation-based Boo Boo Fund.

Contact us to consult with a veterinary neurologist or to schedule an appointment for examination or treatment.

The ANIC in Austin offers advanced neurological diagnostic and treatment services. Contact us to get the specialized care your pet needs.

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