Services Available in Our Phoenix, Arizona Clinic

At the The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC), located within the Animal Medical & Surgical Center serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona area your dog or cat can benefit from the specialized neurological diagnosis and treatment provided by board-certified veterinary neurologists.

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics

Many of the neurological disorders that pets experience are the same as those experienced by humans. Many of the diagnostic procedures are the same, too, and The ANIC is equipped to perform them all:

Often our specialists can determine if your pet’s symptoms are caused by a neurological condition or some other medical issue. If the problem is not neurological, we may refer you to another specialist or consult with your pet’s regular veterinarian.

Neurological Treatment

The same specialists who diagnose your pet’s neurological disorder will provide the expert care needed to cure or manage it. Types of treatment we provide include:

  • Medication for neurological conditions
  • Brain surgery
  • Spine surgery

We strive to use the least invasive treatment options to help your pet. However, if surgery is required, you can rest assured that your furry family member receives the best care possible. Our team includes veterinary nurses who continually monitor your pet’s vitals during all procedures and recovery.

Emergency Neurological Care

If your dog or cat presents neurological symptoms, you never have to wait for care. You can contact The ANIC anytime to consult with a board-certified neurologist. Our Arizona clinic is open 24/7, so if emergency services are recommended, you do not need to wait until normal business hours.

Paying for Neurological Specialty Services

At The ANIC, we want to help you focus on taking care of your ailing pet, not on how you will pay for services. To that end, we accept a number of payment options, including:

  • Credit card
  • Personal check
  • Care Credit
  • Pet insurance (all providers)

Our donation-based Boo Boo Fund may also help you cover your pet’s medical expenses. Please contact us to find out how to qualify.

The ANIC in Phoenix, AZ offers advanced neurological diagnostic and treatment services. Contact us to get the specialized care your pet needs.

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