Neurological Testing and Treatment for Cats in Phoenix, Arizona

“Cat people” will do anything for their pets. So when your cat requires specialized care for a neurological issue, bring them to The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) located inside the Animal Medical & Surgical Center just outside Phoenix. We offer advanced diagnostics, treatment and care for patients and pet owners to give your cat the best prognosis.

Why Your Cat Needs Specialist Care

Arizona does not expressly prohibit general-practicing veterinarians from providing specialized care. However, because they do not have specialized training and experience, your cat may not receive the best treatment for his or her condition or the best treatment quality. For best outcomes, you should seek the care of our board-certified neurologists.

Our doctors have the specialized knowledge of feline neuroanatomy, pathology and treatments. We know how to properly perform imaging tests and read the results. Also, where general vets may assume that all neurological issues are equally likely for felines and canines, we know what types of neurological dysfunction are likely to present in cats.

Feline Diagnostics

The ANIC provides a range of diagnostic services for cats, including:Cat diagnostics

For best imaging results, The ANIC has specialized coils designed for small animals. All tests requiring your cat to be tranquilized or sedated involve constant monitoring by one of our veterinary nurses.

Treatment Options for Cats

The doctors at The ANIC provide specialized neurological treatment, which may include:

  • Medication for neurological conditions
  • Spine surgery
  • Brain surgery

We offer 24/7 emergency services to consult with cat owners or their pet’s regular or emergency vet. When needed, we provide medical boarding for cats undergoing treatment.

Contact us to speak to a board-certified neurologist about your cat’s health.

Contact The ANIC in Phoenix, AZ for specialized care for your cat’s neurological health.

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