Neurological Emergency Services

For many pets experiencing neurological symptoms, timely intervention is the difference between life and death. If your dog or cat is presenting with neurological symptoms, bring them to The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC). Our neurologists have the training and experience required to accurately diagnose and treat your pet for the best outcomes.

Expediting Your Pet’s Neurological Emergency Care

Pet owners can facilitate emergency care by contacting The ANIC. When you call The ANIC, you will speak to trained medical staff who can help you determine if your pet needs to be seen immediately or can wait for a scheduled appointment (usually the next business day). In the event of emergency, contacting us allows us to mobilize our staff for your pet’s arrival.

If you are seeking emergency care during daytime hours, you may also call your regular veterinarian to send your pet’s medical records to our office. Having your pet’s recent medical history gives our doctors the most diagnostic information and helps us avoid repeating tests unnecessarily. Please know, however, that this is not a prerequisite for your pet to be seen by our specialists.

Coordinating Care for Non-Neurological Emergencies

There are a number of neurological symptoms that are not caused by a neurological disorder. In the event that our doctors determine your pet does not have a neurological condition, we may:

  • Keep them in our care in order to stabilize them
  • Continue working towards a medical diagnosis
  • Refer your pet to another veterinary specialist in the area
  • Consult with your regular veterinarian for follow-up care

Sometimes, pets may have more than one issue. If your pet has a neurological and other medical condition, we coordinate care with your regular veterinarian or another specialist to ensure your dog or cat receives the highest quality care possible.

Full Neurological Emergency Care Capabilities

Our clinics are able to provide our full range of services at any time of day. We strive to perform all necessary diagnostic procedures the same day you come in for emergency service. When required, we can also perform emergency brain or spine surgery.

The most important thing about neurological emergencies is getting your pet to The ANIC as quickly as possible. A neurologist is available 24/7. Contact us any time.

To expedite neurological emergency care, contact The ANIC as soon as you observe symptoms.

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