Neurological Services

The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) offers specialized knowledge and technology for pets experiencing neurological synptoms. You can review the information below to learn more about our diagnostics and treatment process for both cats and dogs.

When it comes to neurological services, The ANIC is equipped and ready to help you and your furry family members.

The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) offers the specialized knowledge and technology cats experiencing neurological symptoms need for the best health outcomes.

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics For Cats

The ANIC offers a range of diagnostic services for cats presenting with symptoms of neurological disorders, including:

  • In-person or phone consultations with emergency and primary care veterinarians
  • Neurological examinations
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT scan)
  • Spinal tap

Our clinic is also equipped to perform conventional X-rays and some in-house lab work, and we work with area labs to get results from blood draws and tissue samples back as soon as possible.

Specialized Neurological Treatment For Cats

If your cat’s symptoms are caused by neurological disease, the neurologists at The ANIC have the capability to provide the treatment needed.

We strive to manage or resolve neurological conditions through the least invasive means possible. For many cats, either at-home nursing care or medication may be all that is indicated. We are happy to provide detailed plans to pet owners and primary care veterinarians to ensure your cat gets the follow-up care they need.

Some conditions, however, require surgical intervention. The ANIC has the only neurologists trained to perform feline neurosurgery. All animals undergoing imaging or surgical procedures are constantly monitored by a dedicated veterinary technician to ensure their safety and comfort.

When To Bring Your Cat To The ANIC

You never have to wonder if your cat has a condition that requires an urgent examination with our neurology team or not. We encourage pet owners to contact us right away for a phone consultation. After asking just a few questions, our staff can assess if your cat needs emergency service or can safely wait for a scheduled appointment. Our clinics can usually accommodate next-day appointments for non-emergency cases.

The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) is a unique, state-of-the-art medical facility where we diagnose and treat dogs presenting with neurological symptoms.

Advanced Neurological Diagnostic Services For Dogs

Dogs can suffer from a wide range of neurological disorders, many of them similar to human conditions; others unique to the canine species. The ANIC has the advanced technology and specialized training to accurately diagnose your pet.

Diagnostic services may begin with an in-person or phone consultation between our doctors and the emergency or primary care veterinarian. If we need to see your dog at our clinic, we have the capacity to perform:

  • A specialized neurological examination
  • Advanced imaging—MRI and CT scan
  • Spinal tap

Our in-house lab and partnerships with area labs also allow us to perform blood draws and biopsies and get rapid results.

Advanced Neurological Treatment For Dogs

The neurologists at The ANIC offer a wide range of treatments, including medication and/or neurosurgery.

Although the State of New Mexico does not prohibit primary care veterinarians from performing neurosurgery, our neurologists are specialists with the right training and experience to perform these sophisticated procedures, giving your dog a better chance for recovery.

When To Bring Your Dog To The ANIC

Not all neurologic symptoms indicate an emergency situation, but you never have to wonder if your dog is experiencing life-threatening symptoms or not. Contact The ANIC any time to speak to trained staff who will help you determine if your dog needs neurological intervention right away or may wait for a scheduled appointment.

The ANIC Is The Only Clinic That Offers Specialized Neurological Diagnostics And Treatment. Contact Us To Get The Best Care For Your Pet.