Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologists

What It Takes To Become A Board-Certified Neurologist

The board-certified veterinary neurologists at The ANIC are certified by either the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM, sub-college Neurology) or the European College of Veterinary Neurology (ECVN). To be eligible for certification, our doctors have completed:

  • Four years of undergraduate education
  • Four years of veterinary school
  • One year of general internship
  • +/- One year of specialty internship
  • Three years of neurology/neurosurgery residency

In total, our doctors have a minimum of four years of additional training after veterinary school, at least three of which are dedicated to the study and practice of neurology.

Why Having A Board-Certified Neurologist Matters

Dogs and cats are more than pets; they are furry members of your family. Like any family member, you want the best possible care for your family when neurological symptoms arise. That level of care is only available from our veterinary specialists.

Our board-certified neurologists provide:

  • Ability to elicit more/more specific diagnostic information from pet owners by knowing what questions to ask
  • Superior ability to diagnose your pet based on observation of neurological symptoms alone
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging technology and the expertise it takes to interpret the results
  • Unmatched expertise when performing brain surgery or spine surgery

In veterinary medicine, no regulatory board prohibits general practicing veterinarians from performing specialized procedures. However, the lack of neurological/neurosurgical experience can jeopardize the health and prognosis of your pet.

When your pet’s neurological health is on the line, demand the best. Contact The ANIC to schedule an appointment. You may also call us any time for emergency services.


If Your Pet Exhibits Symptoms Of Neurological Dysfunction, Get Them The Best Care Possible—Care Delivered By The Board-Certified Veterinarian Neurologist At The ANIC. Schedule An Appointment today.