Specialized Neurological Care for Cats in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

You want your cat to enjoy the best quality of life possible. If your cat’s health is compromised because of a neurological disorder, you can get them superior medical care at The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC).

Why Bring Your Cat to The ANIC

The ANIC is a specialty clinic equipped with advanced imaging technology and staffed by veterinary neurology specialists. Our skills and capabilities increase the chances of a definitive diagnosis and effective treatment plan that improves your cat’s chances for full recovery.

Feline Diagnostic and Treatment Services

The ANIC provides specialized neurological diagnostic services, including:

Our clinic is also equipped with specialized MRI equipment for small animals to ensure the best image quality. All cats requiring imaging tests are constantly monitored by a dedicated veterinary technician to ensure their safety and comfort.

Not every feline patient requires all possible diagnostic procedures. Often, a diagnosis may be determined through a neurological examination alone, and that diagnosis may lead to:

  • Referral back to your family veterinarian or another veterinary specialist in the case of non-neurological conditions
  • Medical management (i.e., prescription medication)
  • Devices or therapies that may facilitate natural healing
  • Neurosurgery

Our doctors provide expert and compassionate consultation. We explain the diagnosis and all treatment options in language you can understand and help you consider the effects of any treatment decision on your entire family.

To schedule an appointment or to speak to a trained medical professional to determine if your cat needs emergency service, please contact us.

Cats suffering from a neurological disorder can get the advanced diagnostics and treatment they need for improved health at The ANIC outside Rio Ranch, NM.

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