Pet Seizures

Pets can experience seizures for a wide variety of reasons. But pet owners do not have to research possible causes to know where to take their pets for the best care. The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) outside Rio Rancho, New Mexico provides the advanced diagnostics and treatment your pet needs.

Types of Seizures in Dogs and Cats

There are two main types of seizures your pet may experience:

    Focal seizure, which is a seizure that affects a limited part of your pet’s body—usually one or more limbs or an area of the face.

    Generalized seizure, which affects your pet’s entire body. During a generalized seizure, your pet may:

    • Make a paddling motion with its legs
    • Make a chewing motion
    • Foam at the mouth
    • Lose bladder and/or bowel control

Seizures may last anywhere from seconds to minutes. During any type of seizure, try to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Seizures Disorders and Signs of Neurological Disorder

Seizures may be a type of neurological disorder (epilepsy) or a sign of another neurological disorder.

Isolated seizures may be caused by:

  • Exposure to toxins
  • Stroke
  • Tumor

Pets may also experience idiopathic seizures, which have no known cause.

Sometimes, events that look like a seizure may really be a fainting spell commonly experienced with pets that have cardiac problems.

Diagnosing and Treating Pet Seizures

If your pet has a seizure, the best thing you can do is contact The ANIC. We have trained medical professionals available around the clock to help determine if your pet needs emergency care or may wait for a scheduled appointment.

When your pet arrives at The ANIC, our doctors will first perform a neurological examination. Sometimes this may be all that is required to diagnose a neurological disorder or refer you to your family veterinarian or another veterinary specialist for follow-up care.

If your pet needs advanced diagnostics, The ANIC is equipped to provide them in-house. We have the equipment and expertise to do MRI and CT scan, two of the most common imaging tests used to diagnose seizure disorders.

Once we have made a definitive diagnosis, we will discuss all treatment options with you.

For any type of seizure, the earlier your pet is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis. Contact The ANIC to schedule an appointment.

If your pet experiences an event that looks like a seizure, contact us for an emergency consultation.

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