Neurological Symptom Presentation & Diagnosis

Changes in your pet’s behavior could be a symptom of a neurological issue. The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) provides resources to help you identify neurological symptoms. We have the specialized expertise and technology needed to accurately diagnose and treat neurological conditions.

Common Neurological Symptoms in Pets

Symptoms that may indicate neurological disorder in dogs and cats include:

Symptoms may present because of an acute event, such as a stroke or onset of vertigo. Other symptoms may indicate a more chronic condition, such as slipped disc or spinal cord injury.

Capturing Presentation of Your Pet’s Neurological Symptoms

If your pet presents symptoms that are stable or static, our doctors will see them during a neurological exam. However, if your notice your pet’s symptoms are intermittent or vague, diagnosis may be aided by capturing your pet’s behavior on video.

What to Do If Your Pet Shows Symptoms of Neurological Dysfunction

Observing symptoms of a possible neurological disorder is distressing. You do not have to spend your time researching the symptoms to determine if your pet may be experiencing a medical emergency. Just call us.

When you call The ANIC, you will speak to a board-certified neurologist who can determine if your pet needs emergency service or not. The doctor may also be able to provide information about what to watch for (to gather diagnostic data at home) and how to keep your pet safe and comfortable until your appointment.

If your pet presents any symptoms of neurological dysfunction, contact us for emergency service or to schedule an appointment.

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