Neurological Symptom: Trouble Standing

Trouble standing may simply be a sign that your pet is getting older and experiencing the same joint mobility issues humans face. But, if your dog or cat does not have arthritis and has not experienced a recent injury, then trouble standing could be the sign of a neurological disorder. You may find the advanced medical care your pet needs at The Animal Neurology & Imaging Center (The ANIC) outside Albuquerque, New Mexico.

How to Know If Your Pet’s Trouble Standing is Neurologically Related

Familiarity with their pet’s medical history allow many pet owners to know when their pet’s trouble walking is the result of a degenerative condition (like arthritis) or related to a recent injury.

Trouble standing is more likely to be the sign of a neurological disorder if it presents with other walking problems, like a staggering or “drunken” gait. Although less common, trouble standing may also be a sign of gradual-onset paralysis.

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment

The most common reasons your dog or cat may have trouble standing are likely to be diagnosed by your primary care veterinarian. However, if your pet’s trouble standing does not resolve with treatment or standard diagnostic procedures provide no answers, then contact The ANIC for specialized medical care.

Our doctors are veterinary neurologists who have extensive training and experience in identifying neurological disorders and developing effective treatment plans. Often, we may be able to diagnose the cause of your pet’s difficulty standing and/or walking through a neurological examination alone.

When needed, we have the capability to perform advanced imaging tests. Our Albuquerque-area clinic is equipped with equipment for:

  • Radiography
  • Electrodiagnostics
  • MRI
  • CT scan

Our doctors strive to treat animal neurological disorders using the least invasive means possible, but we do have the expertise to perform sophisticated brain and spinal surgeries as needed.

In the event that our diagnostic tests indicate a non-neurological condition is causing your pet’s loss of mobility, we can refer you to another veterinary specialist in the greater Albuquerque area.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or to talk to trained medical staff to determine if your pet requires emergency service.

Trouble standing may be the sign of a neurological disorder. Get your pet the advanced diagnostics and treatment they need at The ANIC outside Albuquerque, NM.

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