“For me my dogs are my children. They are my life. When I was told my pup was being referred here I was anxious, concerned and scared.From the moment I walked into the clinic I felt safe and that my fur baby was in good care. The doctors calmly explained the diagnosis and when I forgot to breathe they reminded me and put my fears to ease.They don’t jump right in surgery mode which to me is important. They answered all my questions and genuinely cared about my little guy. They have someone on call 24/7 in case of emergencies. They were able to do the MRI and give us the result the same day, no restless nights waiting… to me this was priceless.Thank you Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Schatzberg for taking such good care of my baby.”
-Raina B, Yelp

“Dr. Brofman and his team are highly-skilled and compassionate. They are amazing at what they do.”
-Megan O, Google

“It was my turn to need the experts at ANIC. My fur baby was suddenly paralyzed in her back legs and needed an MRI. My vet called and they got her in within the hour. They took her in and examined her and advised what they thought it was, but she needed the MRI to confirm and pinpoint the damage. Due to a large influx of emergencies they were running behind. We arrived at 11:15 am and my baby was in surgery at 10pm- The doctor called after the surgery to let me know that everything worked out great. They are dedicated, board certified, caring and I could not recommend them higher. I understand that the are the only animal MRI facility in a large area, but that does not make them complacent. I hope we never have to go there again, but if I do I will run there !”
-Shelly H, Yelp

“This is the most wonderful place. I have been to a lot of animal clinics and hospitals before but this is in a league of its own. The emergency vet, not my regular vet, wanted to put our dog to sleep without any xrays, just his opinion! I am so glad I found out about this place in time. He is up and walking and almost his old self thanks to the Dr’s and the wonderful staff at the ANIC!!! THANKS AGAIN for taking such good care of our Boodie!”
-Sue S, Facebook

“I could not have been more fortunate than to be referred to ANIC for the evaluation of my 8 year old mini schnauzer, Peanut. I am not sure how Mr. Peanut hurt himself, but he would hunch over in pain and could barely walk. It would clear up for a bit and then reoccur more intensely. I took him first to an emergency room and then to see my vet. Even with rest and medication, I saw no improvement. Initially I really didn’t want Peanut to have surgery but after an MRI and consultation with Dr. Schatzberg and Dr. Tensley, it became clear to me that it was the only option to relieve the pain from a severely herniated disc in his neck. What was so impressive to me was how the entire process was handled. The doctors were clearly very competent and dedicated to helping me and my little guy get through this. Dr. Schatzberg explained the risks but also assured me that he felt this surgery could be a highly successful treatment. The care and treatment were exceptional, not just from the doctors but from the entire staff. After about four weeks, Peanut is now pain free and back to his daily walks with his brother. Our community is so fortunate to have such a competent and caring group of doctors to treat brain and spinal injuries and illnesses. I hope I won’t need their services again but will forever sing their praises.
-Maria A, Facebook

“My little boy Maus was suddenly in a great deal of pain. As it turned out he had a compressed disc in his neck. The ANIC provided wonderful care. They didn’t seem to mind my follow up calls and questions. Maus even enjoyed the staff, which is very unusual for my tough little boy. The entire staff was wonderful.”
-Jason R, Yelp

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“I cannot say enough about ANIC. Not only did they fix our Rowdy with his herniated disc they kept us calm. The staff is wonderful. You will go in scared, we àre talking about our babies, but the people are very understanding. You can call anytime 24/7 and someone always answers your question. Love just love ANIC. The doctors tell you what needs to be done. Thank you everyone”
-Susan C, Facebook

“Thank you so much for your compassion and care for my Togo today. Everyone was so kind and the doctors took the time to answer all of my questions so patiently. I was terrified when I arrived, so afraid of a bad diagnosis, but fortunately I got a very reasonable and hopeful treatment plan. I was really impressed with your facility and care”
-Lisa M, Facebook

“In the year after our dog’s spinal surgery and care by the team at the ANIC, Dr. Schatzberg and the nurses all remembered us and our dog and treated us like family each time we were in. We had many follow-up questions and concerns throughout the year, and Dr. S and his staff were always happy to help us, both in person and over the phone or e-mail. The staff was always thrilled to see our dog’s progress when we would go back for check-ups. It was a rough year for us and our dog with many bumps in the road, but the staff at the ANIC somehow made everything easier to swallow.”
-Stephanie, Yelp

“I just wanted to thank everyone at the ANIC!! What a amazing group of people very compassionate and caring I know without everyone there my Samson would not be with us today! I can never repay y’all I hope our wonderful lord continues to bless all of you and continues to look over your wonderful practice!!!”
-Jeremy J, Facebook

“Thank you so much for taking care of my precious MoMo!! The doctors and staff at the ANIC are amazing at what they do and genuinely care about their patients!”
-Juanita G, Facebook

“As a fellow veterinarian, I had complete confidence that my beloved dog Sam was getting the best care available. We are exceedingly grateful for the professional, compassionate team at the ANIC!”
-Sue M, Facebook